Lava Splash Slip n Slide

Lava Splash Slip n Slide

  • Max number: 10
  • Size: 11m x 3.5m
  • Age group: 1 - 13
  • Slide included: Yes
  • Water friendly: Yes


This is our latest edition to the pool splash slides.  Lava Splash is a slip n slide with a crash pool at the end.  Super fun for on our hot days.  Fully shaded, you run and slide, when you make it to the end you land in a nice refreshing pool.  you can't get cooler then that!

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Jumping Castles and Slides FAQ’s

Yes.  However please make sure you get permission from the appropriate council body. Make sure the area is cleared of any sharp objects.  Most parks don't have power access.  We can provide a generator for an additional $50 (including petrol).  If your event is a private function, you can supervise the castle yourself.  However if your event is open to the public then you must have a trained jumping castle supervisor.  Additional charges apply for supervision, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

All castles come with a sun/rain cover.  Whilst the castles can still operate in brief showers of rain, in the event of a storm or the onset of monsoonal rain, castles are not safe to operate.  The power must be unplugged and the blower moved to a dry area.

No.  The castle must stay where the operator has installed it.

We have $10mil public liability insurance.  Please advise us at booking time if you require a copy of our "Certificate of Insurance".

Our castles and games meet strict Australian Standards, we are members of the AAA (Australian Amusement Association) and our inflatables are engineer certified and work safe passed.

All of our staff have their "Ochre Cards" - Working with Children Clearance.

Not usually.  Cash payment is required upon set up of the castles.  Credit card and EFT facilities are available via prior arrangement.

You can complete our online booking form or give us a call on 0416 166 326.

Hire times fall between 9am to 6pm

We set up and dismantle for you! Providing the access is clear, it only takes about 20 minutes to set up and about 30 minutes to dismantle.  Set up is done prior to your booked time and dismantling is carried out after your finish time.  That way you don't lose any of your hire time.

Choose between 4 and *7 hour hire - applies to private home parties only - for other events please advise details of your planned function for a quote. Overnight hire is available in the dry season only (private homes only).

* 7 hour hire time is 10am - 5pm

All castles need a clear even flat surface and height free from overhanging trees.

  • Small castles will need a 4m x 4m area. Also allow 4.0m height
  • Medium Castles 5m x 5m area. Also allow 5.0m height
  • Large Castles 7m x 7m area.  Also allow 5.5m height

If you're unsure of the area you need then do not hesitate to contact us.

No.  Our Generators are purposely bought to suit our blower motors.  Having a generator that is not correctly rated to our blower motors can damage them, this is a risk we are not prepared to take.

You will need a minimum 1.5m pathway to get to the set up point.  Please advise on booking if there are any steps to get to the set up point.  Some castles are up to 200kg in weight and are hard to move up steps.  If there are steps the operator may need assistance to get to the set up point.

It is preferable that the castle is set up on grass.  Concrete or pavers is a possibility but please let us know when booking as different equipment is required to set up.